Site Interface

About Site Interface

Site Interface builds on TrialTracker’s tried and proven functionalities and allows sites to carry out their tasks on a user-friendly, web-based platform.

What does Site Interface offer?

Sites are provided with a personalised interface that allows them to work on any study hosted on TrialTracker.  The Interface offers:

  • TrialTracker’s versatile capabilities
  • A slick user experience that simplifies the task of uploading and managing trial data
  • Compliance with applicable regulations
  • Full traceability via an audit trail through the use of TrialWire
  • A centralised location for all study-related actions

How does Site Interface work?

With facilitated live data tracking, Site Interface enables you to see which datasets are due to be sent by your site, and allows you to quickly upload your data to the correct timepoint. Do you have unscheduled data to upload or a new subject to add? Not a problem, Site Interface takes care of that too.

Not only does Site Interface allow you to easily find all the key study documentation you are looking for in one helpful location, it also allows you to view and respond to queries, and to contact the study team directly allowing for personalised assistance.

Site Interface works with TrialTracker™ and TrialWire to incorporate built-in de-identification of any imaging data uploaded while providing storage on a secure server.


Where is your data?

Your data is uploaded to TrialTracker via Site Interface. TrialTracker is normally deployed on hosted servers managed by IXICO. A mirrored system at a separate location ensures your data is safe and accessible. To find out more about TrialTracker please visit the TrialTracker™ page.

We are happy to discuss alternative deployment options to meet your needs.

To find out how you can use Site Interface please get in touch.