About MyBrainBook

MyBrainBook is a digital platform developed by IXICO to improve the quality of life and service delivery for people living with dementia and their supporters.

This initiative was funded by the Small Business Research Initiative and Innovate UK as a collaboration between IXICO, the Health Innovation Network (the Academic Health Science Network for South London), Healthy London Partnership, NHS Mental Health Trusts, community care providers and third sector partners.

MyBrainBook has been co-designed with input from people with dementia, their carers and professionals to promote self-care. The platform has been evaluated in real-world settings by patients, their family and carers with the support of trained facilitators. Emergency and out-of-hours services can be provided with real-time access to MyBrainBook information to ensure appropriate pathways are chosen, avoiding unnecessary A&E admissions where possible.

What MyBrainBook Offers

Reminiscence Tools

  • Upload photos to the Photo Book and capture memories that can be used in reminiscence sessions.

  • Record a timeline of important events in the Life Story tool.

  • Capture music and sounds to help maintain and recover long term memories.

​Support Planning Tools 

  • Capture interests and hobbies to plan how to enjoy them for as long as possible.

  • Ensure loved ones are notified if a call is made to NHS 111 and that your preferences are conveyed to urgent care services.

  • Build a personal support plan that includes tailored advice, local resource recommendations and educational videos (in development).

Connected Care Team 

  • Keep in touch with contacts through messages and Skype video chats.

  • Keep personal and professional contacts in one place and add them to your support plans.

  • Reach out to a community of like-minded people to feel more supported (in development).


Benefits of MyBrainBook

MyBrainBook aims to reduce isolation through social networking and enabling users to maintain contact with family and friends. The platform also provides those caring for the person (often remotely) a way to keep in touch by sharing photos and stories; together they can build an online 'scrapbook' of favourite pictures, music, and life story events to help facilitate cognitive stimulation and reminiscence activities.

The personalised care and emergency planning tool is driven by the individual’s needs and goals and, when invited, can be accessed and updated by their healthcare professionals, family, friends and carers. The online information is dynamic, driven by the user and can be modified as needs progress.

MyBrainBook demonstrates alignment with the expectations of the 5 Year Forward View, National Tariff Payments and Outcomes Frameworks, including:

  • Keeping people at home after hospital discharge and preventing readmissions
  • Effective post-diagnosis care to improve independence and quality of life in dementia
  • Quality of life for carers
  • Improving people’s experience of integrated care
  • Easing transitions between care settings
  • Dealing with social isolation
  • Saving costs in care delivery



If you would like any further information about MyBrainBook, or have set up a MyBrainBook profile and would like further support, please contact