Large Phase III Alzheimer's Disease Trials

IXICO has managed a number of large phase III programs in Alzheimer's Disease. A variety of different endpoints are used in these studies, a selection of our current work is desribed here in more detail.

Regional Brain Atrophy

Hippocampal atrophy is one of the most important measures of disease progression in Alzheimer's Disease. For more information on how we measure this please refer to the Assessa page. Assessa is our CE marked medical device for measuring hippocampal volumes.

The lateral ventricles of the brain grow in size during the course of Alzheimer's Disease. Change in ventricle volume is a common endpoint used in clinical trials to assess drug efficacy.

Whole Brain Atrophy

Whole brain atrophy is another common endpoint. One of the techniques most widely used for this is the Brain Boundary Shift Integral.

Regional PET SUV

MRI in combination with PET imaging can allow the quantification of PET on various structures of the brain or regions of interest, as highlighted below. A region of interest approach cannot be used on the PET images alone due to the inherent low resolution of the images. Careful combination and alignment of data is key to the success of this approach.